Timothy “Tim” Shaak

Timothy “Tim” Shaak is a REALTOR® who not only knows The Jersey Shore; He Lives The Jersey Shore

As a Realtor, Local Councilman, Emergency Services Volunteer, Lifelong Resident, and married to a Brielle School Teacher (“The Famous” Mrs. Shaak – also a lifelong Brielle resident) I will share my years of experience with you and answer any questions you may have about our community

Experience Wins

Working as a full time REALTOR since 2003 I will share my knowledge of the local real estate markets and professional insights will you. Being a lifelong resident of the Jersey Shore, long-time local elected official, a community volunteer, and having a vast network of professional contacts I will position and arm you with the information needed to make the best educated decision when buying or selling real estate.

The Right Price, Always

Whether you’re buying or selling, price is one of the most important factors in the process. Overpriced homes rarely sell, often times they unnecessarily languish on the market for months and months longer than they should. As a buyer you won’t buy an overpriced home; as a seller why would you expect someone else to pay for an overpriced property? Real estate prices, like most other products, are set by the market – I will work with you to ensure you don’t overprice the home you’d like to sell; likewise we’ll work together to ensure you don’t overpay for the home your buying.

Working for You

I’m here for the whole journey. Buying and selling real estate requires teamwork. My common sense approach may be unique to some, however I think you will appreciate working with me. My firm belief is you are not a client rather you and I  are a teammates. Together, we will work to ensure your real estate transaction is as smooth as possible. While I can’t promise there won’t be a bump or two in the road, you will see my approach is to smooth them out as we approach them. You will be kept apprised of each step in the transaction and together we’ll cross the “finish line” once the transaction is complete. It’s important you know that I value any and all of your questions, and I value all your opinions.