What Is The Real Cost When An Agent Chooses The Wrong Real Estate Company?

Getting into real estate is reasonably easy but long term success is not. Over 85% of the agents coming into real estate wash out before they reach any real level of success. We think it isn’t their fault. It’s their Company and Management that let them down.


Is it all about the company brand? But what about your brand and your business? Are they too busy to help you work toward your long-term success?

Do you have quick access to your manager when you need it? How about coaching for help in building your business plan and goals?
Company Culture

Work for a tech company and do tech work to sell real estate? Or is working with successful upbeat local professional people, in a boutique firm more your style?

Want to Become The
“Go To Agent” and Own Your Market?

We know that as an agent, you want to build a successful business for yourself. One that you can be proud of. In order to do that you need to affiliate with a Real Estate Broker.

The problem is who should that be? Some companies today are proud to announce that they are in the technology business, not the real estate business. Many think that technology can replace personal service.

Like us, you probably feel that you enjoy people, and building relationships with people more than being a slave to technology.

We know that local people and local real estate are too valuable and too important to get anything other than the highest level of personal attention. Technology is great, but people to people works better in our communities.


That’s why we concentrate on mentoring and coaching our agents in the science and art of creating strong relationship-based market segments and niches. This is how a consistent and stable repeat and referral sphere of business is built and maintained.

I feel comfortable knowing that I have the full attention of management when I really need it. Nothing gets lost in the shuffle here at The Folk Agency.

– Susan L. | Realtor

Getting your career on track in three simple steps

Schedule a conversation

Let’s get together for a 30 minute talk. Casual, no obligation and confidential of course.

Our success plan

You share your questions and expectations. We’ll share ours. We can decide together whether we think we’re a good match.

If it’s a go . . .

You can be on track toward the local business opportunity and lifestyle you have always thought real estate could be for you!

How we do it

The right people

We carefully select upbeat positive people who enjoy working together in a strong spirit of friendly co-operation.

A learning culture

Our Agent Centric Strategy provides an emphasis on success-oriented training and agent business building skills.

The coach approach

Our in-house Coaching and Mentoring ensures that agents can reach their full potential and achieve a rich and rewarding life.


We don’t and we don’t want to. We are a local boutique firm with a 100-year heritage of strong connections and trust with local people, local communities and in the local real estate marketplace. Because we know local culture and the lifestyle so well, we are able to offer a level of savvy counsel and informed service that no outside competition can match.

Congratulations! A career in real estate can be the best small business and lifestyle opportunity available. But, over 80% of people getting into real estate get out of it within five years and have a little to show for the effort. We think that is just wrong. That’s why, to help you succeed at the highest level, we offer a plan, a simple, proven, time-tested plan that works.

Well, yes for the training, but if you want to be in the 20% of agents who reach long-term success and satisfaction, you need to do more. We have a Success Cycle of - Training - Business Planning - Marketing - and Coaching - for a proven strategy to break the failure cycle and build a business to be proud of and a lifestyle to treasure.

We do things differently. The Big Box companies have to do training and onboarding on a big scale. There are layers of corporate structure, reams of paperwork to complete and lots of rules and regulations to learn. Our one-to-one manager agent relationship and personal and online training gets right to the point and gets you right into the business.

Most agents who rise to the top in real estate today will credit coaching for their continued success. Having a trusted partner to help you discover your strengths, build your brand and choose specialty niches in the marketplace is invaluable. We mentor and coach our agents in getting more out of their business and to build a better future for themselves.
No, we do not. And we don’t think that you will want that if you investigate the fine print and downsides to such a proposition. What we do offer is a simple and sensible split based on our ability to educate, train and coach you to build a business to be proud of, that will not only meet your financial goals but bring you a rewarding lifestyle.
Our deep heritage and strong roots in local communities is certainly different. Small-town lifestyle and family owned values are clearly reflected in the company‘s culture. The closeness and camaraderie within the workplace and local residence is a parent. For an in-depth view we suggest you read the PDF “A Passion For The Shore Lifestyle”.

I joined the Folk Agency because of its upbeat, friendly and cooperative group of people and a forward thinking Broker, with a sincere interest in mentoring and coaching me to become my personal best.

– Nancy C.  | Realtor



A Passion For The Shore Lifestyle

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